Stop Press

Apologies everyone for lack of updates these past two years or so.  Much water has flowed under my personal bridge and I have been left somewhat depressed as a result of the most recent events in my life.  One of the consequences has been that I have been unable/unwilling or just completely forgot about it – not surprising when ones wife has been dying of cancer these past 4 years.  Difficult then to maintain continuity.

I am no longer the Club Secretary having resigned the post in 2016 at the Club’s last AGM.  Ian Reynolds is its current new Secretary and the Club President and the Club has recently launched a new initiative to increase its membership. Club membership will give its members the opportunity to earn points in the two Points Competitions, qualify for Rosettes and Trophies at its Rosette Shows throughout the year and at the Teddy Cavy Club Championship Show and earn championships for members’ teddies who win consistently at shows.  Details are available on the website.

Any offerings of help from members to maintain the website and keep it up to date will be gratefully received.  For the time being and because I can’t locate the access passwords please send your offerings to me through Facebook by way of PM and I’ll see what I can do.